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Mega Millions - Huge Jackpot279 million (USD$)

Huge MegaMillions jackpot! Want a chance to play for the 279 million (USD$) jackpot? Buy your ticket for Tuesday's and Friday's exciting MegaMillions draw.
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Italy - SuperenaLotto - Got your ticket yet?52 million (EUR)

The SuperenaLotto jackpot is 52 million (EUR). Dont miss the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday draws for your chance to become a SuperenaLotto winner.
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Want to play the largest lottery in Europe? The EuroMillions is the lotto that spans the European countries and attracts lotto fans from all over the world with it's huge jackpots often reaching well over 100 million (EUR).

EuroMillions has thirteen prize tiers and you can even win a prize by matching just one number and the two Lucky Stars numbers.

EuroMillions is played on Tuesday and Friday every week.

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Mega Millions

US Mega Millions is a multi-state lottery game spanning 46 American states and localities. Regular huge jackpots and second tier prizes of over a million (USD) make this lotto a 'must play'. The highest jackpot so far is 656 million dollars!.

Adding the Megaplier option can add up to an additional 5 million to second tier prizes.

Your overall chances of winning any MegaMillions prize is 1 in 14.

Mega Millions is played on Tuesday and Friday each week.

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Superena Lotto

Italy's SuperenaLotto is the largest single lotto in Europe. The Italian's are not the only ones that get excited over playing SuperenaLotto - lotto players all over the world flock to buy tickets for this exciting game. Rollovers are common and there is no rollover cap resulting in jackpots that often reach over 100 million Euros.

The largest Superena Lotto jackpot win is 177 million euros.

SuperenaLotto is played on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday every week.

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US PowerBall

PowerBall is a multi-state lottery game which is played across 44 states in the USA. It is well known for its huge jackpots which often reach over 100 million US dollars and has even reached 590.5 million dollars. With PowerBall, you have a 1 in 31 chance of winning a prize.

By using the PowerPlay option, you can multiply any winnings (other than the jackpot and second prize) by up to 5 times, meaning that you could still win up to 2 million US dollars for the second prize. The second prize is multiplied by 2 regardless of the PowerPlay number.

US PowerBall is played on Wednesday and Saturday every week.

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