EuroMillions Jackpot

48 Million (EUR)

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The EuroMillions is a pan-european lottery and is one of the most popular lottos, attracting players from all over the world, not just it's participating countries in Europe.

The popularity of this lotto has the effect of increasing the jackpots, which are often seen over 100 million Euros encouraging more players to buy EuroMillions tickets.

EuroMillions often holds SuperDraws on noteable events and at other times - bringing even more players.

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How to Play EuroMillions

The EuroMillions is a 5 out of 50 plus 2 from 9 lotto game. In order to win the jackpot, you must match 5 numbers and 2 'Lucky Star' numbers on your lottery ticket with those drawn in the game.

Jackpots start at 15 million euros and climb with every rollover until it's twelth rollover week, at which point it must be won. If no winner is found on the twelth week, the prize fund is distributed to the secondary prize tiers.

There are thirteen prize tiers. You only have to match one number and two Lucky Stars to win a prize.

EuroMillions is played on Tuesday and Friday every week.

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The Odds of a EuroMillions Win

Your overall chance of winning any EuroMillions prize is 1 in 13.

MatchWinning Odds
5 Balls + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 116,531,800
5 Balls + 1 Lucky Star1 in 6,473,989
5 Balls1 in 3,236,995
4 Balls + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 517,920
4 Balls + 1 Lucky Star1 in 28,774
4 Balls1 in 14,387
3 Balls + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 11,771
3 Balls + 1 Lucky Star1 in 654
3 Balls1 in 327
2 Balls + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 822
2 Balls + 1 Lucky Star1 in 46
2 Balls1 in 23
1 Ball + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 157

EuroMillions Lotto Results

Euro Millions results for Fri, May 24, 2024

1, 6, 13, 21, 40, 45

Lucky Stars

Next draw:
Tue, May 28, 2024